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Mobile Forensics

With the explosion of mobile devices there is little doubt that the number of security incidents were a mobile device is involved will also increase exponentially.

My next couple of posts will look at what is takes to perform forensics on mobile devices targeting specifically the iPhone, the Blackberry and the Android platforms.

Some interesting statistics on the iPhone in particular and the number of them that AT&T activated in the last couple of years. As can be seen below the number of iPhones activated in the 3rd quarter 2009 was 3.2 millions devices in the US alone.

This doesn’t equate to iPhone’s sold because activations would also count dad’s giving their iPhone to their daughter and buying a new one for themselves, which would mean 2 activations but just one iPhone bought.

According to AT&T they added 2 million subscribers to that quarter. Nevertheless the evidence is there on an upward trend.

The graph below shows the how activations for the 1st quarter of 2010 rose by 50% over the previous quarter.

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