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Escape from Password Hell

Managing passwords has been and will continue to be a challenge that will make someone very rich.

I have used PassKeeper for quite a while and track non-important passwords within my firefox, but Passkeeper will not longer hold my large collection of passwords so I have set out to explore my options.

Mashed Life helps you keep a repository of usernames and passwords for websites, even non-Web 2.0.

Verisign’s Personal Identity Portal provides single sign-on by either OpenID supported website to populating the username and passwords fields. Unfortunately a PIP session needs to remain open.

Passpack Online Password Manager provides 1 Click Login supporting OpenID and featured in February 2008 by PC Magazine, also providing offline access.

Clipperz provides password management with offline synchronization.

Clickpass also provides password management services to a certain number of websites providing an API to be embedded into website.

I am still not comfortable with the idea of keeping my passwords online, so I will move to an open source application called KeePass synchronizing with its portable version on a USB stick.

UPDATE: Another player which I will be looking into and reviewing seems to have yet another approach to password management. Usable.com