The Need for PKI (Business Issues)

In today’s fast-paced and expanding world of internet commerce and communications there has developed a necessity for increased security.

This has created the need for digital signatures and encryption of documents. Implementation of PKI will allow for the verification and authentication of people and documents, as well as providing avenues for secure communications over networks.

This dramatically reduces the threats of fraud and attacks against first line security defenses such as reusable passwords. With the increasing proliferation of password protected applications and the dissemination of passwords among the user community, utilization of the PKI dramatically decreases the vulnerability of computer systems to attacks and attempts at “hacking”.

The prospect of a successful attack, in an effort to thwart security measures that are currently in place is significantly reduced in a managed PKI environment To remain a leader in IT development and competitive in the marketplace, we must embrace state-of the-art-practices and technology.

E-commerce requires confidentiality of sensitive information and authentication of authorized users. A managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) will deliver these capabilities along with flexibility to fit with existing policies and practices.